Snow Day

January 30, 2010 at 11:52 AM Leave a comment


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Today is a good day! A mini snow storm hit this morning and I actually got the day off work! YEA snow day! I slept in and am spending the rest of the day inside where it’s warm. I’ll probably end up studying anatomy/physiology for a few hours at least.

In other news, we’re making a lot of progress on clearing out the baby’s room. Shane has been such a sweetheart lately. He moved the bookshelf/all of its contents into the living room (which took some rearranging). Now all that’s left is tubs of comic books and a LOT of posters/crap on the walls. I’m starting to feel better about it.

AAAAANNNNNNNNDDDDDD yesterday, Shane bought me my valentine gift early…I was at work (I work at a flea market) and this guy brought in this huge jewelry armoire for $65. We were able to get it for $55. I FINALLY HAVE SOMETHING THAT CAN HOLD ALL OF MY JEWELRY! It all fit and wasn’t completely crammed. There was also a top compartment that I was able to put my hair ties/clips in, which is great because they have never had a place in our tiny apartment bathroom. It also has a door on each side that opens to reveal hooks for my millions of necklaces! I’m in love<3


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Hey, I'm Lisa. I'm a twenty-year-old radiology student, and a part time cashier at a flea market. I'm married to the greatest guy ever; his name is Shane. We're expecting a baby boy on May 23rd, 2010, and frantically preparing for his arrival. I love shopping, dancing, making jewelry, playing the clarinet, the color green, and spending time with my hubby.


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